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¿Why do recreational holiday in Mexico?

Mexico offers a wide range of recreational activities. The country offers beaches,archaeologicalsites of various pre-Hispanic cultures, magical twons, nature and gastronomy. Mexicans are famous for their hospitality and joy.

Also if you do not speak Spanish you can communicate whit people. There are people who speak English and there are Mexicans who do not speak Spanish.

Is Mexico a safe country to travel? 

Yup! For tourists it is a safe country. The problem of crime is among offenders, a normal tourist respecting certain points for safety (do not buy drugs, guns etc, not presume all your jewelry in the street and look for roads and safe sleeping stations) need not fear that something happens.

Are there enough places to park / camping? 

Yes, throughout the Mexican republic there are places where you can be safe at night. There are many areas and rural areas with less opportunity but you can always find something to spend the quiet night. Most places have a standard service as the current connection, gas, sewer and bathrooms with showers. Many places have pools or rivers or lakes, and offer the option of laundry.

Are the roads in Mexico are in good condition? 
In general there are good roads and road communication is constantly improving. There are good and bad ways. There are ways in which fee is paid for journeys tollbooths and also free ways. The state depends on the maintenance of road, weather and use and can not predict. It is always recommended careful handling in a waking state without influence of alcohol or drugs.

What is the best time to make holiday in Mexico? 
Somewhere in Mexico is always sunny and you can enjoy the diversity of this region. Depending on the interests of the tourist seasons exist in some regions of unfavorable weather for your planned activities. For example the hurricane season in the Caribbean. We recommend you plan your destinations by interest and season.