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Links of interest

For the cost calculation of fuel and toll you can consult the webpage http://aplicaciones4.sct.gob.mx/sibuac_internet/ControllerUI?action=cmdEscogeRuta&eligeIdioma=si where you can put in the dates of your planned trip.

For safety in Mexico we could recommend varios links, here http://www.mexicomike.com/driving/RV.htm we refer to the MEXICOMIKE webpage witch is full of good recommedations.

For latest updates of mexican trailerparks you can visit the webpage from Mike and Terri Church http://www.rollinghomes.com/madds3.htm You are also friendly invited to inform about changes or new Trailerparks to this webpage and help to the community of  RV travelers.

For renters without knowlegde of Motorhomes we recommend to watch some videos on www.youtube.com like “Driver's Confidence Video” or “how to operate” videos for a better use of refridgerator, toilet, etc.