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Are you dreaming of individual holiday away from mass tourism? 

Would you like to explore the real Mexico to your liking?

Then we have the solution: come with us and rent an RV for a vacation full of new experiences.

Discover magical towns, pristine beaches,archaeological sites of the Aztec, Mayan and other pre-Hispanic cultures, desert, jungle, mountains, waterfalls and real Mexican people and food.

Do what you like and DISCOVER YOUR OWN MEXICO 

ruta1Mexicamp recommend this itinerary for 8 days to enjoy the trip

Total distance: minimum 700 km, 20 hours driving




Mexicamp recommend this itinerary for 8 days to enjoy the trip

Ruta corta

Total distance: minimum 700 km, 20 hours driving

You can discover: 

  • History: prehispanic history, Colonialism
  • Archeology: Tula de Allende, side trips to Teotihuacan, Tepozteco, Xochicalco
  • Culture: regional folcloric music, regional dance, handcraft, 
  • Nature: Mountains and volcanes, spa resort, rivers
  • Culinary: regional traditional e.g. Cecina
  • Recreational activities: swimming, cycling, nature observation, parachuting, golf, climbing
  • Magical towns: Tepoztlan, Tlayacapan, Real del monte close to Pachuca, Metepec


1. stop: Oaxtepec, Morelos; stay at “IMMS Centro Vacacional Oaxtepec”, “Hotel Versailles” 

2. stop: Puebla, Puebla; stay at “Trailer Park Las Americas” near Cholula

3. stop: Pachuca, Hidalgo; stay at “Hotel Hacienda Venta De Guadalupe” or in one of the campsites at “El Chico” national park. Visit Mineral del Monte and Prismas basalticas

4. stop: Municipio Atlacomulco, Méxiko; stay at “Parque El Ocotal” 

last day: back to Mexico city





























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Why Mexico?

  •  Mexico is the sixth country with more sites declared "World Heritage" in the world. 
  • It has 32 locations declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 
  • It has more than 45,000 archaeological sites. 
  • The Mundo Maya / Azteca have great ethnic and historical heritage.
  • Mexican cuisine is one of the three kitchens in the world declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 
  • Mexico is home to 10% of global species diversity. 
  • More than 176 protected areas. 
  • It has the second largest reef in the world

Facts and figures of tourism in Mexico

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