The following travel routes and recreational activities are only suggestions. You can travel these routes in any direction, combine different routes or customize your own route. Mexicamp RV Rental can advise you during your vacation planning based on your interest. Our main goal is for a Mexicamp motorhome to facilitate your dream trip while you DISCOVER YOUR OWN MEXICO.

Mexicamp recommend this itinerary for 20 days to enjoy the places and beaches at Esmerald cost, Veracruz


Total distance: minimum 1032 km, 30 hours driving

You can discover: 

  • History: prehispanic history, Americas conquest
  • Culture: voladores de Papantla
  • Archeology: Teotihuacan, El Tajin, Cholula
  • Nature: beaches at mexican gulf coast
  • Culinary: regional, seafood, Coffee  
  • Recreational activities: rafting, swimming, diving, fishing, Nature observation, golf, cycling
  • Magical towns: Xicotepec, Papantla, Cholula


1. stop: Mexico city to archeological site Teotihuacan, visit pyramids stay at “Teotihuacan Trailerpark” 

2. stop: Pachuca, Hidalgo; stay at “El chico national park” or at “Hotel Hacienda Venta De Guadalupe” or in one of the campsites at “El Chico” national park. Visit Mineral del Monte and Prismas basalticas

3. stop: Poza Rica or Papantla, Veracruz; stay at “Trailer Park Quinta Alicia”, “Condado Western Auto Hotel And Trailer Park” near Cerro Azul or “Poza Rica Inn Hotel” at Poza Rica. Visit el Tajin archeological site, possible stay al “El Tajin Ruins Parking Lot”

4. stop: Esmerald Coast Veracruz, between Poza rica y Casitas you can find more than 10 Trailerparks at the beach.

5. stop: Veracruz, Veracruz; stay at “El Rey RV Park And Campground” or in Boca del Rio at “Rancho La Condesa”

6. stop: Puebla, Puebla; stay at “Trailer Park Las Americas” near Cholula

7. stop: Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala; stay at “IMSS Centro Vacacional La Trinidad” or “IMSS Centro Vacacional La Malintzi” 


last day: back to Mexico city
































Note: all journeys are planned with Google Maps and a lot of the mentioned RV parks can be found in thethe Book “Travelers Guide To Mexican Camping” from Mike and Terri Church. Mexicamp RV Rental has not visited all the recommended campgrounds and does not assume responsability for their conditions.

Not all roads are suitable for RV due to their size, especially in Magical towns the streets are narrow. 

Mexicamp recommends taking the time to discover Mexico City on either end of your road trip. There is a lot to see! For instance, Xochimilco, Templo Mayor, Zocalo Square with the cathedral, historic city center, Coyoacan, the largest city park in Latin America, Chapultepec Park with the only castle on the American continent, etc. Also, you can take a museum tour at the National Museum of Anthropology, see the art of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, visit a concert, and enjoy the nightlife.

Just take a walk to the historic center, enjoy the city life and eat in some typical cantina restaurants between Bellas Artes, Plaza Garibaldi, and Santo Domingo y Zocalo. 

If you are interested in archeology please visit the page of the national antropology and history institute (INAH), where you can find all sites listed for every state.

If you are interested in magic town you can install the app “pueblos magicos” at your android smartphone (also available for IPhones). Other useful apps are compass, waterlevel and weather.

Mexicamp highly recommends a GPS navigation system which Mexicamp offers at an additional cost. The GPS lets you choose truck/trailer routes, since streets are narrow and provision of road signs are often poor or confusing .

A Facebook account may is necesary to open some links. Mexicamp is not responsable for operation and content of other websites linked here, as well as for operation of Trailer Parks.