Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions in English are translated from the Spanish version, however, for all legal purposes, the Spanish version of these terms will be valid and enforceable by the authorities.

These terms and conditions are valid with the the rental agreement; the signing of the contract between you and Mexicamper S. de R.L. de C.V. constitutes acceptance of these terms.

If you are considering renting a vehicle from Mexicamper S. de R.L. de C.V. (hereinafter "Mexicamp") we recommend that you carefully read these terms and conditions before booking.


"The renter" is the company Mexicamper S. de R.L. de C.V. and can either mentioned as "renter" or "Mexicamp".

The "Customer" is the person or entity that leases the vehicle. In the case that the customer is a natural person, he/she is understood to be the main driver of the vehicle rented. In the case that the customer is  a legal entity, that entity shall designate a person to act as driver of the vehicle rented.

The "vehicle" is a motor home, trailer or truck that Mexicamp rents to a Customer for the period of time defined in the lease contract.

The "equipment" is all accessories included with the vehicle or additional items that the customer can rent, such as, but not limited to, a bicycle or baby seat. It is understood that all additional items will be listed in the contract.
An "injury" could be but is not limited to the following: any injury, damage or variation, which occurred inside or outside the vehicle including glass, lights, tires, equipment, mirrors, vehicle painting,and any damage that occurs to others.

The term "pick up" refers to the vehicle delivery to the customer, before the trip.

The term "return" or “drop off” means the return date or delivery of the rented vehicle to Mexicamper after the trip that has been established in the lease.

1. The rental of vehicles or trailers is restricted to the interior of Mexico. It is strictly forbidden to cross borders. If this happens ALL insurance and any coverage Mexicamp offers is cancelled. Mexicamp reserves the right to repossess the vehicle immediately at the expense of the Customer and without any right to reimbursement of any kind.

2. Vehicles can only be driven by persons minimum aged 23 years and under 79 years; any violation of the provisions of this paragraph may result in the invalidity and disability insurance contract without liability to Mexicamp.

 3. Smoking and transporting pets is prohibited in vehicles of Mexicamp.

4. It is prohibited to make any physical or mechanical alteration to the vehicle without previously notifying and consulting with Mexicamp and then receiving explicit permission in writing, including by e-mail, from Mexicamp.

5. The Customer shall fully work with Mexicamp to resolve any incident, whether the incident is a traffic, civil, or environmental violation or any other type of incedent that might occur.

6. It is the responsibility of the driver to: drive in a responsible way, obey the laws of the places you visit or pass through, take proper precautions against theft of the vehicle and/or the equipment, provide for the proper care and maintenance of the vehicle and equipment, comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, and care for the environment .

7. The vehicle will be delivered to the Customer with all fluid levels full (gas, brake, antifreeze, etc.), in consideration of this the Customer is responsible for any and all damages caused by neglect of preventive maintenance while traveling (fill / refill the fluid levels, tire pressure etc.), poor operation of the vehicle, as well as general negligence. These damages are not covered by insurance and the Customer will be fully charged for any expenses of this kind.

Requirements to rent a vehicle from Mexicamp:

1. The minimum age of the driver is 23 years, and the maximum age is 79 years.

2. Driver's license: a drivers license for vehicles up to 7500 kg is required. For non-Mexican drivers a valid international drivers license is indispensable. Mexicamp reserves the right to verify the data and the validity of the license and refuse to rent the vehicle if these requirements are not met.
3. Official identification: IFE (INE), passport, or current professional license. In the case of foreigners a valid passport will be required at the time of vehicle delivery.
4. Credit Card: Customer needs a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) with sufficient credit line to cover the deposit upon delivery of the vehicle.


For the booking of vehicles and equipment the customer must make a reservation through our website The Customer must confirm the booking, check the box "read and accept the terms and conditions" and proceed to click the “pagar” button. The receipt of the payment made by the Customer will costitute a fixed booking.


Prices for rental cars, insurance, equipment, additional drivers etc. are set out in the website Mexicamp and may change without notice prior to signing the agreement. The price the customer pays is calculated during the booking process and will not change later.

The price per day of rental includes 160 km (100 miles) travel and 2 hours of generator use.

All prices include VAT.

Prices do not include fines, violations, gasoline, towing, one way, tolls, or other payments attributable to the nature of the journey or any othere extra costs made by the Customer.


Payments must be made through our website by credit card (VISA o MasterCard) or bank transfer. In the case of a bank transfer, the Customer has five days to transfer the full rental amount to the Mexicamp bank account. If after 5 days no income is registered the booking will be cancelled without obligation for the client or mexicamp. If the Costumer likes to fix the booking he/she has to reserve again. Small delay in payment can be anounced to mexicamp in order to hold the reservation some days more.

In the case of an online-payment by credit card, the total amount calculated during the booking process has to be payed. 

The prices stated on the Mexicamp website and that the Costumer has to pay are in Mexican Pesos (MXN) and include VAT.

The vehicle will not be delivered to the Customer if the total payment for the entire rental period and the security deposit have not been received in full by Mexicamp.

Security deposit:

Either a credit card (MasterCard or VISA) or a cash payment is acceptable for the Security Deposit.

If the credit card does not have sufficient funds to cover the deposit the vehicle will not be delivered and cancellation terms applies.

The deposit, either the amount authorized on the credit card or payed in cash at the time the vehicle is delivered to Customer, will be returned in full to the Customer if the Customer returns the vehicle and/or equipment undamaged with no trafic violations, and in a clean internal state.

In case of any damage, breach or violation of the terms and conditions Mexicamp will assess the damge/breach/violation and will deducted the amount necessary to pay for the damage/breach/vioation from the security deposit. This assessment process could take up to one week.

If the vehicle is lost due to theft Mexicamp will keep the entire deposit.
The holder of the credit card must be present at time of delivery of the vehicle and should be the person who will be the main driver.
Cancellation / Changing  a reservation:

Any Cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing by the Customer and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The day (using time Mexico-UTC-06:00pm) that Mexicamp receives full or partial cancellation is the date on which the following charges, based on the total amount of the reservation, will be applied. In the case of a partial cancellation the charges will be applied  to the total amount of the canceled days:

  1. If the Customer cancels more than 30 days before the date of delivery or pick up he/she will receive a 75% refund.
  2. If the Customer cancels between 30 days and 8 days before the date of delivery or pick up, he/she will receive a 50% refund
  3. If the Customer cancels within 7 days of the date of delivery or pick up, he/she will not receive any refund.
  4. If the Customer is not present at the time of delivery or pick up, he/she will not receive any refund.

    Refund example with numbers:

If the Customer makes a resevation for 10 days at the price of 30000 pesos and cancels 5 days (partial cancellation) 14 days prior to pick up he/she is entiteld to a 50% refund of half of the rental according to point 2.

30000/2 = 15,000 pesos that is eligible for the 50% refund

15,000 x 50% = 7,500 pesos
Therefore the Customer will be reimbursed 7500 Pesos

Minimum rental:

The minimum rental period is 3 nights (4 days).

Pick up:

The vehicle will be delivered to the Customer between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. It is estimated that the pickup will take between one to two hours in order to go over all of the instructions and to use the proper protocol. The amount of time may vary depending on the experience of the driver(s). Depending on which direction Costumers first destination is, the closest place to camp is at least an hour away depending on the route chosen and the ammount of traffic. Mexicamp recommend making a reservation for the first night at the trailerpark. Mexicamp can support the Costumer in making this reservation without charging them for that service (Costumer will still pay for the space at the trailerpark).
For safety reasons, vehicles and equipment will not be delivered on the same day that the Customer arrives in Mexico if his/her flight was longer than 8 hours. Mexicamp can assist the Costumer in booking a hotel of her/his preference without an additional charge for this service (again, you will pay for the room(s) at the hotel).

For delivery of the vehicle, a preparation fee will be charged. This includes the standard equipment of towels, kitchen utensils, gas tanks, full water and fuel, linens and obtainment of any additional equipment that the Customer reserved. The price of this preparation fee is posteed on our website,, and is subject to changes without notice.

Mexicamp can refuse the delivery of the vehicle if the driver is not in the condition to drive.


The Customer shall return the vehicle on the last day of the rental day between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. For returns outside these hours the Customer must inform Mexicamp on the pick-up day. Mexicamp reserves the right to authorize or prohibit the return of vehicles and equipment after hours. 

The vehicle is to be delivered to the same location or address where the Customer received it. Only in special cases such as the reservation of a "one way"  rental (see the point on “one way” rentals) may the return be made to a different location.

The Customer must return the vehicle the last day of his/her reservation and within the above-stated  parameters. For every hour that the vehicle is late there will be a charged of 650 MXN per hour. For each day that the vehicle is delivered late the Customer will be charged a 3,500 MXN “unauthorized usage fee,” which is in addition to the daily rental fee for each late day. In the case that Mexicamp is causing the delay in the return costs will not be charged to the Customer.

The Customer is advised to deliver the vehicle in a clean condition inside with clean  sewage tanks to avoid additional charges.

The return is to be performed in accordance with the return protocol and will be compared to the pick up protocol (which was filled out and accepted by the Customer on the first day of the rental). This process may last between one and two hours depending on the condition of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is delivered dirty a cleaning fee of MXN 1,000 will be charged to the Customer.

If the gray and/or black water tanks are not empty the Customer will be charged a MXN 1,000 cleaning fee.
In case of excessive dirt caused by pets or smoking inside the vehicle a fee of MXN 3,500 will be charged to the Customer.
The fuel (petrol or diesel depending on vehicle specification) must be filled, or the expense will be charged to fill plus a service fee of 250 MXN.
If any equipment, that was recorded in the initial inventary, is broken or lost the Customer will be charged for the cost of replacing the equipment.
For any distance driven above the daily allowance, the Customer will be charged 6 MXN per Kilometer (including VAT). For every extra hour of generator use the Customer will be charged 50 MXN.


The Customer is responsible to check the tire pressure, the engine oil level and antifreeze every time he/she fill the fuel tank, if this is not done the Customer will be considered to have acted negligenty and may be charged for the cost of repairing the vehicle in the case of a breakdown. 

Any mechanical failure must be reported immediately to Mexicamp.
Any expenses incurred by the Customer during the trip on items that Mexicamp as pre-authorized, such as oil costs, coolant, etc. will be reimbursed to the Customer as long as receipts (or other proof of expenditures) are provided to Mexicamp during the Return of the vehicle and equipment.

Mechanical breakdowns and repairs:

Repairs up to 1,500 MXN (per event) can be made by the Customer without prior authorization of Mexicamp but a notification, by email or phone, must be made. These costs may be reimbursed to the Customer if receipts (or other proof of expenditures) is provided ot Mexicamp on the day of Return.

If the initial damage worsens after the first repair and eventually exceed 1,500 MXN, these additional costs will not be reimbursed.
For repairs in excess of 1,500 MXN the Customer must immediately contact Mexicamp for authorization. Unauthorized repairs of more than 1,500 MXN will not be refunded.
If the custumer has to interrupt his/or itinerary or travel for more than 24 hours after the notice to Mexicamp due to mechanical failure not caused by poor operation or lack of preventive maintenance while traveling (fill / refill) by the Customer, Mexicamp will reimburse the Customer for the following costs/fees:
(i) costs per day of rental
(ii) hotel costs $300 MXN per person per day, or if necessary
(iii) a rental vehicle up to MXN 650 per day up to a maximum of MXN 20,000 per trip and up until the last day of the reservation. Mexicamp reserves the right to evaluate and decide on refunds according to reason and duration of the harm.

All receipts must be submited in order for the reimbursement to be made.
Defects to the Radio, CD player, TV, DVD, GPS, cell phone, generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, stove, cruise control, blinds or slide out are not considered mechanical breakdowns and therefore are excluded from being reimbursed in the case that the Customer spent money fixing them.

In case of an accident:

The Customer must immediately inform Mexicamper.

In case of traffic violations:

It is the Customer's responsibility to report any incident as well as parking and traffic violations that generate fines. Upon the return of the vehicle, Mexicamp will be check online and if there are any fines the Customer will have to pay for them.
If the vehicle is towed and subsequently impounded, only a partner or legal representative of Mexicamper S. de RL de C. V. can retrieve the vehicle. Depending on the location of the vehicle, retrieval can take up to three business days. Customers will be liable for all cost incurred by Mexicamp in relation to the impounded vehicle. This includes but is not limited to the costs of travel and accommodation of a partner or legal representative of Mexicamp, the cost of towing service, impound fees, damage to the vehicle while being towed, fines, etc. The customer will not be reimbursed for lost rental days, accommodation, or any other costs brought about while waiting for the release of the vehicle. Mexicamp cannot guarantee accessibility to the vehicle, nor does Mexicamp assume responsibility for lost items in the event that the vehicle is impounded.

One way rental:

It is possible to rent a vehicle for a one way trip, for example from one geographical location to another without having to return it to the point of pick up. The pick up and / or return will be performed at different sites established by Mexicamp. Some locations are directly bookable during the online reservation process. If the Customer would like either the pick up or return location to be someplace other than those pre-established by Mexicamp then he has to send a request directly to Mexicamp. Mexicamp will determine wether or not this service is possible, and, if the service is possible, will calculate the the price for this service.

Reimbursement for services not not used:

No refunds will be made for any of the following cases: 

If the vehicle is returned before the contracted time
For unused KMs that were included in the rental package

If the Customer arrives late or does not pick up the vehicle
For equipment that was rented but not used

Insurance coverage:

Rental insurance covers material damage, theft, liability up to 3,000,000 pesos per incident, passengers’ health insurance up to 150,000 pesos (for all, not every passenger) and dead of driver with 30.000 pesos. 

Note: There is a deductible of 30.000 MXN for all accidental damage. This deductible applies per accident, not per trip. In case of theft, the whole amount of the deductible is lost.

Damage not covered by insurance:

Damage due to neglegence – the Customer assumes unlimited liability for insignificant damage. Damage due to neglegence are caused by carelessness of the driver and include but are not limited to:

  • Accidents off of public roads
  • Accidents to accommodation of the vehicle in a trailer park
  • Deliberate or intentional damage by the Customer, a guest or invitee
  • Internal damage caused by the customer, guest, pet etc.
  • Failure to maintain fluid levels of oil and antifreeze
  • Driving tired or under the influence of alcohol, drug or other controlled substances
  • Driving in restricted areas 
  • Driving across international borders (leaving Mexico)
  • Overloading the vehicle or exceeding the towing capacity 
  • Transporting more people than there are available seatbelts
  • Damage due to using incompatible fuel
  • Vehicle handling by a person not authorized in the lease

The inner parts of the vehicle are not insured.

Note: There is no coverage for travelers or their belongings in the rented vehicle. Mexicamp recommends that the Customer purchase a travel insurance or trip cancellation insurance policy from a third party at their own expense.


1. The rental of vehicles or trailers is restricted to the interior of Mexico. It is strictly forbidden to cross national borders. If this happens ALL insurance is canceled with Mexicamp. Mexicamp reserves the right to repossess the vehicle immediately at the expense of the Customer who will not be entitled to a reimbursement of any kind.
2. Vehicles can only be driven by persons who are at least 20 years and under 79 years; any violation of the provisions of this paragraph may result in the invalidating and disabling the insurance contract without liability to Mexicamp.
3. Smoking and transporting pets is prohibited in Mexicamp Vehicles
4. It is prohibited to use, load, transport, store or anything similar in Mexicamp vehicles any of the following: weapons, drugs, chemicals or any item or product prohibited by state or federal law. Their use for illegal activities is prohibited. If Mexicamp detects any unusual use, or noncompliance with these terms, the rental contract will be imediately terminated without liability to Mexicamp and Mexicamp will recover the vehicle immediately. Your location, whether you are parked or the dirction/route you are driving  will be reported to the appropriate state and federal authorities and all relevant state and federally mandated laws/proceess will be followed.

Mexicamp reserves the right to restrict the movement of the vehicle to specific areas due to adverse or unfavorable weather conditions that the vehicle is not designed for, or due to security notifications put out by local, state, or federal authorities.

Airport shuttle service:

Mexicamp cannot transport people to or from the airport, or any other location. However, the Customer has the option to reserve this service which will be executed by an external company. The Customer may subscribe for such a service in while making his/her reservation or may handle on his/her own. The price for this service is set on Mexicamp’s website, and is subject to change without notice.

Replacement Vehicle:

If for any reason the reserved vehicle is not available Mexicamp reserves the right to substitute one vehicle of the same or better quality at no extra cost. If the vehicle is replaced by one of a lower grade, Mexicamp will refund the Customer the price difference between the grade of the Vehicle that was rented and the one that was delivered.


The Customer may tow trailers or other vehicles safely while taking care not to violate traffic regulations only if he/she has a drivers liscence permitting them to do so. The weight of the towed load can not be greater than permitted by the vehicle specifications (see operating manual or consult Mexicamp).

Terms of Use:

By using this site, the Costumer accept and agree to the terms and conditions expressed herein. All right, title and interest in this site are property of Mexicamp. None of the items mentioned herein may be used without the express written permission of Mexicamp.


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